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September 15, 2005 by AKABrutus
It wasn’t just the price of jet fuel, or market forces that brought down Delta Airlines. In my oppinion the greatest cause for Delta's woes was a culture of arrogance among management and an adversarial relationship with the equally arrogant pilots. The management at Delta believed their own rhetoric that they were better than everyone else and incapable of failing. In the end it was their air of superiority that blinded them to a changing market. Early on they felt no need to compete with ...
July 22, 2005 by AKABrutus
I’m sure this same scenario is present in many large companies. However, one in particular has gone from being an industry leader to an industry loser. How did it happen and what is this company’s future? I am not going to name the company because the principles that have caused this company’s woes are not unique to just one corporation.

I will just call it the "Widget Company". There was a time when the Widget Company was at the top of the industry. It was a great company for customers, ...