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August 27, 2005 by AKABrutus
It is time that we take the word liberal away from the left. The word that is identified with liberty and freedom has been hijacked by those who loath the very concepts that liberty implies.

Words such as liberal, socialist and communist have become archaic, and have lost their true meanings. We should choose a new fitting and more descriptive word that better illustrates what leftists are really all about.

Leftist theory will always fail because it denies the very nature of human beings. ...
August 25, 2005 by AKABrutus
Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter who is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee has signaled he plans to ask Judge John Roberts some tough questions about his juridical philosophy according to the Washington Post.

The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman warned Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. yesterday to expect tough questions about the court's "judicial activism" and lack of respect for Congress.
The comments mark the second time this month that Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa....