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Crescent Of Disgrace!
Published on September 10, 2005 By AKABrutus In Politics

Is this a memorial to the hijackers, or to the flight 93 victims? What kind of clueless idiot designed this? This is the chosen design for the Memorial for flight 93 that crashed into the Pennsyvania field on September 11, 2001. It was unveiled yesterday in Pennsylvania?

What must the families of the victims think of this travesty? There were a couple of family members interviewed who liked it, but I don’t know if they truly realize the symbolism. A crescent is to a Muslim what a cross is to a Christian. This would be like putting a cross on a holocaust memorial, or a Star of David on an Islamic Memorial. Is this meant somehow to reach out to Muslims? If it is this is the sickest example of political correctness I have ever seen.

They are calling it the “Crescent of Embrace” Who are they embracing, the hijackers and terrorists? How do you think Osama Bin Laden will interpret this? He will see it as many other militant Islamists will as a memorial to Allah and the martyrs who killed the evil infidels on that plane. Is that the message we want to send?

It was Muslims who entered that plane and hi-jacked it in order to murder as many Americans as they could. They were headed for either the White House or the Capitol Building. This memorial should have been a tribute to the brave hero’s who took down that plane. It should not have been a platform to reach out to our enemies.

We are fighting a war for heavens sake. Would we have put swastikas on WWII memorials to reach out to Nazis? I don’t think so. With enough pressure, as we have seen with all the 911 memorials, the families’ wishes always take back seat to other people who want to use the tragedy for their own political purposes.

If the design even remotely resembled a cross there would be howls of protests from the ACLU, but again you will never hear a word from them when it comes to Islamic religious symbols.

We must get the word out that we vigorously oppose this design. Remember the politically correct 911-firefighter flag statue, where they changed the races of the firefighters to be politically correct? That was scrapped after enormous pressure from the public and 911 families. We can do the same thing to the “Crescent of Embrace”

Here is the official website of the Flight 93 National Memorial. Lets all let them know what we think of their Crescent of Disgrace!

I got this photo From Freerepublic

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Now that's a memorial. Take that ACLU!

Here is my own creation.

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Now that would be a fitting trubute!

on Sep 10, 2005
Where's the ACLU? Where's the Freedom from Religion Foundation? Where is the respect for those hijacked by Muslim Extremists?

There are people who scream "Religious Harrassment" whenever someone suggests burying Muslim Extremist Terrorist in pig fat or dipping bullets in bacon grease. How is erecting a Muslim Icon any less a disgrace? Why don't they just make a statue of a burning jet with a couple of the terrorists standing over the flames mugging for pictures? They could even add an inscription..


What would the reaction from the PC crowd have been if we took the bodies of the terrorists and buried them under crosses?

This is no tribute and should be stopped immediately!!!!
on Sep 10, 2005
Oh migod. A crecent? That's obcene. I'm going to look into this. I'll get back to you.
on Sep 10, 2005
Oh migod. A crecent? That's obcene. I'm going to look into this. I'll get back to you.

For the third time this week, I agree with Dabe.

I showed the picture to my husband...I explained what it was and asked if he could see anything wrong it it. His immediate reaction was "wtf are they making it a Muslim crescent for?"

There are two explanations for this: either the people planning this memorial haven't thought this through properly and it simply hasn't occured to them that this is in poor taste; or they've thought about that and are going to try and go ahead with it anyway.

I really hope that it't the former.
on Sep 10, 2005
According to the website, "The idea of the Crescent of Embrace, Murdoch said, is to be a gesture of healing and bonding. The crescent marks the edge of the land, which will remain largely untouched." I suppose that, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Unfortunately, the symbology of it is rather awful, and unfortunate. I looked at the Flight 93 website
Link and there seems to be alot of religious symbology, not just the cresent. But, of course, the cresent got top billing. I'm wondering what the general thought on this is, and will find out from the NPS people who may have been involved. I also searched the work "crescent" at Wikipedia, and I'm not entirely encouraged. It does also represent a symbol of the moon. I dunno. As I said, I'll look into it.

Frankly, it is a beautiful design. I'm also wondering if it was named anything else, rather than the Crescent of Embrace, like maybe Open Circle of Embrace, it would not have caused the outrage. And frankly, outrage here at JU isn't exactly what I'd call representative of the public at large.
on Sep 10, 2005
"Embrace Islam" is a term Muslims as a call to become a believer. It is similar to the term "Come to Jesus".
on Sep 10, 2005
yeah, but yourself has basically said that the symbology of a design is what makes that design wrong (Confederate Flag?).

Why couldn't they just choose something else? No, I am not saying a Christian Cross or anything of the sort....but I am sure something else could be thought of....
on Sep 10, 2005
And frankly, outrage here at JU isn't exactly what I'd call representative of the public at large.

Then you must not have read this then. Pennsylvanians are outraged for the most part. And outrage here on JU does not carry as much weight as outrage in PA. Which is where this messed up garbage is supposed to rest! If the PA public has "anything" at all to say about it, do not count on it being here.

I just called there and spoke to a receptionist named Deborah, she's the only one there at the moment but I told her I couldnt believe that a crescent shape was chosen, being a widely recognized symbol of Islam. From the tone of her voice, I gathered that they are getting many calls of this nature. She took my # and said someone would call me back next week...yeah right.
on Sep 10, 2005
Myth, it's symbolism per se, it's the confederate flag, with is a symbol of racism to a lot of people. And, as I've posted, if you use such symbology for a avatar, then do not be surprised if some people, myself included, take issue with it. End of discussion on the confederate flag.

As for the crescent, it's a symbol for a lot of things, including Islam. It's a symbol of the moon, etc. But, I truly understand the outrage for using it for the Flight 93 memorial, given that it was downed by Islamist, who by the way, are not the same at Muslims. But, most people do not make that distinction, and will attribute it to the whole religion, and of course the Islamists who downed the plane.
on Sep 10, 2005
But, I truly understand the outrage for using it for the Flight 93 memorial, given that it was downed by Islamist, who by the way, are not the same at Muslims.


Pleas answer this (while I agree with this statement at a certain level): Why is it that Muslim apologists state that Islamists are not the same as Muslims, yet when Christians try to explain that radical Christian elements aren't the same as Christians, our explanation is not accepted?

Not trying to be nasty here, I'd seriously like an answer (and yes, before you say it, I agree that it should work both ways).
on Sep 12, 2005
Political correctness rears its ugly head again.  What BS!