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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has blamed Hurricane Katrina on The United States refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocols on global warming. You can read his remarks in the Huffington Post. Not surprising it happens to be the same site that is hosting Cindy Sheehan’s rants.

Here is a list of Hurricanes Since 1886 that could have been prevented by the Kyoto Protocol according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Hurricane facts

Category 5 MONSTERS!

To qualify as a Category 5 hurricane on the
Saffir-Simpson hurricane intensity scale, maximum sustained winds must exceed 155 mph (135 kt). Through 1998, only twenty-two Atlantic storms have reached this intensity, and only eight were of category 5 strength at time of landfall. Of these 22, only two made U.S. landfall: the 1935 Florida Keys hurricane and Hurricane Camille, which hit the Mississippi coastline in 1969. The table below lists all known category 5 Atlantic hurricanes since records began in 1886.

List of Category 5 Atlantic Hurricanes (1886 - Present)

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Interesting Facts

Note that several infamous storms which struck the U.S. are listed in the table above, but no entry appears in the "Landfall" column. This is because the storms had weakened to below Category 5 intensity at the time of U.S. landfall. Hurricanes which had reached Category 5 intensity but had weakened by the time of U.S. landfall include: hurricanes of 1928, 1938 (New England Hurricane), and 1947, plus Donna (1960), Ethel (1960), Carla (1961), Beulah (1967), David (1979), Allen (1980), Hugo (1989), and Mitch (1998). Though it was an extremely strong Category 4 storm, even at landfall, Hurricane Andrew never achieved Category 5 status.

Most Intense At U.S Landfall:

1935 Florida Keys

892 mb/

26.35 in/

140 kt

Highest Winds at U.S. Landfall:

1969 Camille

909 mb/

26.84 in/

165 kt

Most Intense Atlantic Hurricane:

1988 Gilbert

888 mb/

26.22 in/

160 kt

Longest as Category Five:*

1980 Allen

899 mb/

26.55 in/

165 kt

* Hurricane Allen reached Category 5 intensity three times along its path through the southern Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico: twice these periods were of 24-hours duration and the third lasted 18 hours.

1) With the exception of Camille, no Category 5 hurricanes have ever existed north of 30 degrees N nor south of 14 degrees N. 2) Four oceanic areas have experienced Category 5 intensity hurricanes twice: (26.5N, 77W), (18N, 86W),(24.5N, 96.5W) and (28-30N, 89W) (the path of Camille)!3) Areas which have never experienced a landfalling hurricane of Category 5 intensity include: the U.S. East Coast, Cuba, Jamaica, nor most of the Windward or Leeward Islands!

If only the world had thought of the Kyoto Protocol in 1886. We could have avoided all of these hurricanes. Oh the Humanity!

Robert F. Kennedy’s assertion that the Kyoto Protocol could have prevented Hurricane Katrina has as much logic as the line in Monty Python and The Holy Grail “Explain again how sheep's bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes?”

on Sep 01, 2005
The Kennedy DNA gene pool was depleted with the death of Joe Jr, John and Bobby.  The rest are just flotsam and jetsam in the backwaters of life.