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Published on September 15, 2005 By AKABrutus In Politics

Thanks to Michelle Malkin and an army of bloggers we have prevailed in our fight to have Islamic symbols removed from the Flight 93 Memorial. Paul Murdock the designer of the memorial has said he will rework the plans to remove the crescent.

From the Washington Times

'Crescent' not embraced
By Jennifer HarperTHE WASHINGTON TIMESSeptember 15, 2005

It is unbuilt, but already under fire. The proposed memorial to United Flight 93 has a chorus of critics, irked by a single design element that ultimately might be reconfigured. The "Crescent of Embrace," a double arc of maple trees that will turn red in the fall, has drawn the ire of some, who say it will resemble the red crescent -- a symbol of Islam dear to the hearts of the September 11 hijackers on the flight that crashed into a Pennsylvania field. The Rev. Ron McRae, pastor of the Bible Anabaptist Church near Pittsburgh and founder of the Street Preachers Fellowship, called the design "a memorial to terrorists." He vows to file a lawsuit and stage a public protest.
Mr. McRae's isolated comments garnered considerable coverage in the Pennsylvania press and resonated on Web sites such as Free Republic, Power Line and Constitutional Conservative. Columnists weighed in this week. Michelle Malkin called the crescent design a "monumental surrender" and "boneheaded," while Mark Steyn observed that Flight 93 had been "re-hijacked," and in the thrall of "the cultural elite." In a letter sent Tuesday to the National Park Service, Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican, called on the agency to reject the design as "a flash point for controversy and criticism."

This protest was almost completely internet driven. The MSM for the most part ignored the entire controversy. We as bloggers have demonstrated the power this medium has earned for itself. Instead of hitting the streets in tie die tee-shirts and empty slogans, we hit our computers and made an intelligent and articulate statement of our displeasure with the original design. We got noticed and we got results. We did it ourselves. No MSM required.

on Sep 15, 2005
Great job.
on Sep 15, 2005
Yes, but did the designer say he will rework the plans, because

a) he claims that the crescent was a coincidence and he doesn't really agree that it shouldn't be there (the "designer" presumably didn't know that the crescent if a symbol of Islam like the cross is for Christianity)?

he claims that the crescent was a coincidence and he now agrees that it shouldn't be there (same note applies)?

c) he knows of the symbolism and wanted the symbolism to appease the terrorists and gives in the pressure now?

d) he knows of the symbolism and is now convinced that it would be wrong to appease the terrorists?

on Sep 15, 2005

We need to keep a close watch on all the proposed memorials. They are all being run by leftists who are more interested in pushing an agenda rather than memorializing 911.