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Published on September 16, 2005 By AKABrutus In Politics
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They say for a parody to be funny it has to be based in truth, well a week ago I did a parody called “Bring Our Troops Home, NOW!” I was joking about pulling our troops out of New Orleans, and in it I wrote “We need Cindy Sheehan’s voice to carry our message “Bring our troops out of New Orleans, NOW!”

Her new article in the huffington Post she has an article where she is saying just that for real. ROFL LOL LMAO. I can’t believe it. Actually I can. I will be laughing at this for a week, probably a month.

Cindy Sheehan's own words in the Huffington Post.

One thing that truly troubled me about my visit to Louisiana was the level of the military presence there. I imagined before that if the military had to be used in a CONUS (Continental US) operations that they would be there to help the citizens: Clothe them, feed them, shelter them, and protect them. But what I saw was a city that is occupied. I saw soldiers walking around in patrols of 7 with their weapons slung on their backs. I wanted to ask one of them what it would take for one of them to shoot me. Sand bags were removed from private property to make machine gun nests.
Michael Moore has called for an immediate pullout of "occupied" New Orleans too.
Excert from Little Green Footballs. As posted on Michael Moore's website.
I don’t care if a human being is black, brown, white, yellow or pink. I don’t care if a human being is Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, or pagan. I don’t care what flag a person salutes: if a human being is hungry, then it is up to another human being to feed him/her. George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power. The only way America will become more secure is if we have a new administration that cares about Americans even if they don’t fall into the top two percent of the wealthiest.

Here is my original post dated Sept 7th 2005.

Bring Our Troops Home Now!

Our troops are in a quagmire. The insurgence is gaining strength, and the people are resisting. The infrastructure is destroyed and the population is going without basic human needs. We can't get the local leader's to cooperate with each other, and it's dividing our country. We have gone in without UN approval, and France, Germany, and Russia are complaining. Much needed funds are being diverted to pay for this boondoggle. Haven’t we learned we cannot be the policemen to the world? What is our exit strategy?It’s all about oil and making George Bush’s oil pals rich. This illegal occupation must end and our troops returned home where they belong!Bring back Cindy Sheehan. We need her voice to carry our message. "Get our troops out of New Orleans now!" No blood for oil! No blood for chicken gumbo! No blood for Cajun style shrimp! No blood for jazz bands! No blood for Marti Gras!

I can’t stand it, I’m getting a side ache, I can’t breath, This is too funny!!!!
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on Sep 17, 2005
For days the liberals were all about getting the troops in there, now she doen't feel comfortable around soldiers with guns.. perhaps she would prefer to be with gangbangers with guns.

Come to think of it, all she and her Bash Bush Bus are doing there now is taking supplies from the Red Cross to distribute in their own name.

on Sep 17, 2005
I wonder where the troops DO belong? Should we freeze them until we need them? God knows we shouldn't keep them anywhere near the civilized population, some of that OORAH might rub off.

I find it odd that someone who loved someone in the military as much as she loved her son would ever make a leap like this. It makes me think that there is a lot more at work in the woman besides just grief at the loss.